Cash for Cars in Union, NJ

Are you ready to let go of your car in exchange for some amount of money? NJ Junk Auto are here for that. We give you an excellent price for your car you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the market. Once you call us, we guarantee that you will get cash for cars in Union, NJ. Our experienced and wide spread staff all over Union, NJ respond to your call promptly with good customer relation. They offer free appraisals of your car and give offers instantly. We offer you top dollar value in the market, and once you are happy and in agreement with our proposal, we come pay cash on spot. Additionally, we schedule convenient pick up time with our tow truck driver.

Cash for car in Union, NJ

NJ Junk Auto is at the top of the chain when it comes to cash for cars in Union, NJ. This is because we  offer you the best services in the market. Mainly, this is because we are also in the steel industry and a vehicle processing unit. The processing unit helps salvage useful materials that are later used in making new cars. The same can be spare parts while the steel industry ensures scrap doesn’t go to waste. Therefore, creating less pollution. With the above it is all easy to buy your junk car at a fair price. We pay cash on spot. Call us today and have your car picked up the same day.

Cash for junk cars in Union, NJ

With over a decade experience, we are reputable, credible and promising junk car buyers. Not only have we been doing well for all the years down the line but also been paying cash for cars with ease. Thus, providing a smooth process that is quick and competitive when it comes to cash for cars in Union, NJ.  Once you decide to junk your car with NJ Junk Auto, the liability is off your back within the shortest time possible. We give a quote and if you agree to it we send our tow truck driver with the money. Once you surrender the ownership title and sign the required documents, you get the cash immediately.

Cash 4 Cars in Plainfield, NJ
Cash for Cars in Union, NJ

Cash for car near me

Before looking for a cash for car near me in Union, NJ make sure you have the title. This is because you can only sell the vehicle if you are the rightful owner. Not having to work around for it means the value of the car remains in tact. Research and familiarize yourself with what your car is likely to cost. This will lower the risk of disappointment when offered a quote and probably think it is worth more than what you getting. NJ Junk Auto is fast and precise when determining the value of your car. That is why when you need cash for cars in Union, NJ, we are the people to contact. Ensure you are honest and upfront so as to get a honest quote.

Cash for car quote online

Many buyers out there will frustrate you when you express the desire to sell your car for cash. You may even want to hold on to the vehicle a bit longer hoping for a better offer. But if you decide you going to sell the vehicle, first purpose on getting a reliable dealer, one who will not take you in circles. For instance, when you settle for NJ Junk Auto, you have the assurance of a smooth sale process. You only get into our website at and fill in details pertaining your car. In less than five minutes we will give a quote . Once you give us the go ahead we ensure all other formalities are completed within the same day.

Junk my car in Union, NJ

At NJ Junk Auto we are all about purchasing junk cars. We are based in Union, NJ and we are the best. Call us today and we will offer the highest dollar in the market. Ensure before we reach your location for the vehicle pick up, you  have removed all personal belongings from the car. Then. get your title in order as we can only purchase a car from the rightful owner. Finally, you need to return the license plate to the state department. Having the above in order we can comfortably pay for your car in cash and tow it to our junkyards.