Why was my car impounded in New Jersey?

What is car impoundment, you ask? According to the New Jersey revised statutes, this is the legal action taken by law enforcement officers to place your car in an impoundment lot. The only way you get your vehicle back after confiscation is to pay the fees imposed. Usually, this is an action by police officers in an attempt to keep the roads and other road users safe. There are many reasons your car may end up in a towing lot in the police station. These reasons vary from accumulated unpaid tickets to your car being an accessory to a crime. However, the New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice stipulates the rules followed when impounding a vehicle.

Reasons to impound your car

According to section 2C:43-2.4, law enforcement officers have the authority to seize your vehicle if:

The vehicle is used to commit a crime

Any crime, within the first to fourth degrees, is dangerous is the state of New Jersey. Therefore, the police officers give much attention to any accessories to the crimes. As a result, should your car be involved in any way, then the law enforcement officers have the authority to impound your vehicle.

There are unregistered firearms

It is not illegal to own a gun in the state. However, this is dependent mainly on the steps are taken to ensure that you legalize your weapon. You need to register it and undergo training to ensure that you are capable of handling a gun. Consequently, whenever a police officer finds an unregistered pistol, rifle, shotgun, or handgun in your car, you are most likely to face an impoundment. Additionally, the use of your weapons for an unlawful purpose violates the N.J.S.2C:39-4, hence a crime and can lead to confiscation by the officers of the law.

If your car is a risk to other motorists and pedestrians

If you are driving recklessly, under the influence of drugs or distress, then, you are a risk, not only to yourself but also to other road users. Thus, the observing police officers may pull you over and ask you to step out of the car.

How do you handle an impoundment?

The only way to clear your car is by paying the charges imposed during the process. These include the storage charge, the towing cost, and administrative fee. Once a repossession warrant is issued, the police department hired a towing company. The function of the company is to tow the car to the police lot, where is in lockdown.

When you realize that your car is at the police lot, you might need to act fast. However, the process starts all in the same way; follow the instructions issued by the judge. Considering that the car owner had to pay for everyday parking, storage, and administrative fees, it is essential that you act promptly. Also, the police department may auction the car after the first 90 days after confiscation.

How will we help?

When it comes to car impounding process, auto-recovery companies play a significant role. It may not be as vast as that played by the owner, but goes a long way to ensure that the repossession process is prompt and stress-free.

Towing services

We offer to tow services at very affordable prices. When you need to get your car out of the police station, or the police need to get your vehicle into the impounding lot, then, we have got you covered. With some of the best technicians in the industry, you can rely on our services to be fast and reliable. We go out of our way to ensure that you have the least trouble. As a result, you can clear your car from the police’s possession and save a lot of money for the daily fees.

Buying damaged and auctioned cars

In the event where your vehicle is badly damaged and need somebody reconstruction, we do that too. Also, we participate in auctions to buy impounded cars, after the owner is convicted of a crime. Also, if you need to sell your car promptly to raise the cash for releasing your car form the police lot, then we are the people to visit.

You must keep in mind that the more time your car spends in the police impounding, the more cash you need to spend. Therefore, you must handle the situation swiftly. Follow the judge’s instructions and pay all the fees, if any in time.


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