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Cash For Cars We buy all types of vehicles regardless of damage, condition, age, and make. Whether your vehicle has been damaged in a flood, totaled in an accident, or it's just old and no longer operational, we pay top dollar and even handle towing. Our hassle-free process makes getting cash for your clunker as easy as possible. With NJ Junk Auto, you can count on the true market value. Fast: Same day service. Instant cash offer. it's that easy. Get started today by calling us today.

Sell a Flood-Damaged Auto

There are potentially hundreds of thousands of flood-damaged vehicles that make their way into car dealerships and private sales across the country. If you bought a vehicle that turned out to be flood-damaged or your vehicle sustained water in a flood, you know the vehicle is likely beyond repair. Even a small amount of water in the mechanical or electronic components of your vehicle can come with significant repairs - when they're possible. Even if the vehicle can be repaired, you will be stuck with a salvaged title. Car prices always take a huge dive when it comes to flood damage but it doesn't mean you need to eat the loss and have the vehicle towed away. Give us a call we don't turn away vehicles just because they have flood damage!

Sell a Wrecked or Totaled Vehicle

When your vehicle is wrecked, you can choose to pay for repairs or you can try to sell your vehicle. While repairs can sometimes be a good option, they can also be very expensive. What if you don't have the money to put into fixing your vehicle? Trying a private auto sale or selling the vehicle to a car buyer or car dealerships can also be difficult because they will be looking for a vehicle that requires very little investment. At NJ Junk Auto, we are more than happy to give you a fair price for your wrecked vehicle. We offer cash for cars regardless of the condition because all vehicles have at least some value.

We can even buy vehicles that have been totaled by the insurance company. A vehicle is considered totaled when the repairs exceed its value. This can happen even with new autos. With vehicles that are just 5 years old, even a simple fender-bender can total the vehicle when the airbags are deployed. If you have insurance, you are given the opportunity to keep the auto but it will need significant repairs before it can get a salvaged title. We offer fair prices so you can let go of your totaled vehicle and get something you can put toward a new vehicle.

Sell a Vehicle with Mechanical Problems

No matter how well you take care of your auto, it will eventually encounter more frequent and more expensive mechanical issues. When you get to the point that you are going to pay more to fix mechanical problems than your vehicle is worth - or you simply don't have the money to invest in repairs - it's probably time to let the vehicle go. One of the most common problems that can exceed an older vehicle's value? Transmission problems. When your transmission goes out, it can cost up to $3,500 or more to replace it! Selling a vehicle with serious mechanical issues can be next to impossible when you're dealing with private buyers and dealerships.

While some may be willing to offer you something, it will be far below your vehicle's value, even when repairs are considered. We can make a cash offer for your vehicle so you can use the money to buy a more reliable vehicle. If your vehicle doesn't start, we can even remove if from your property to save you the hassle.

Sell a Hail Damaged Vehicle

Damage in a hail storm can definitely add up. Hail doesn't just damage your roof balls of ice that plummet from the sky can also do a number on your vehicle. Hail damage claims can easily top thousands of dollars. If you have an older vehicle, it can easily be totaled by hail. Even newer cars may not be worth the time and money to repair when you can get cash for cars with serious hail damage. If repairs will cost more than the vehicle's value, you can sell junk car with damage to us and use the money to find used cars that fit your budget.

Sell a Vehicle with No Title

Do you have a clunker with no title? don't worry we can pay cash for cars with no title. This is something you definitely can't do when you try to list cars for sale by owner in New Jersey but it can be done when an auto is being sold for scrap. If you have simply lost the title, we can walk you through the process of requesting a duplicate title to get a better price for your vehicle.

Sell a Vehicle that doesn't Run

A vehicle that doesn't start or run? No problem! Even a broken-down vehicle with serious mechanical problems, damage, or missing parts has a substantial amount of value for spare parts or scrap. Sell junk car today with NJ Junk Auto and we'll remove the auto from your property and give you cash on the spot.

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We take pride in offering the highest possible prices for junk vehicles in New Jersey. If you're ready to let go of a clunker, totaled vehicle, or vehicle with serious issues, our licensed, bonded & insured staff is here to help. We make the process easy to give you an instant offer and cash on pickup. Call us today to find out how much your vehicle is worth.

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