Cash for Junk Cars in
Springfield, NJ

Are you looking to free up some space in your garage or yard? Do you need some extra cash to buy the new car you have been eyeing for some time now? Do you have an old car that sits in your garage for absolutely no use? If so, then, NJ Junk Auto has the perfect solution for you. At NJ Junk Auto, we buy junk cars for cash in Springfield, NJ. Whether they are moving or not, you have no need to worry. Compared to the other junkyards in Springfield, NJ, we have the biggest clientele. We buy junk cars for more cash. Additionally, we also buy parts that are functional. If you feel like selling your old car, don't settle for less than it is worth.

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Why Cash for Junk Cars in Springfield, NJ?

We have been successful in the industry and gained a huge client base because

We have higher prices

When it comes to buying junk cars, most yards buy them at a throw-away price. This is usually devastating for the seller who wants some reasonable cash for selling their old car. However, at NJ Junk Auto, you do not have to worry about us undervaluing your car. We are the best for Cash for Junk Cars in Springfield, NJ. If the model, make and year of manufacturing of the car is recent, and the parts are in good condition, you get more money for your money.

We offer free towing

More often than not, the amount of money received from the sale of an old junk car ends up paying for a tow truck. When that happens, you earn very little money from the sale. When you sell your truck, bike or car, always check who pays for the towing of the car to the junkyard. At NJ Junk Auto, you get to enjoy free towing services to our yards. Therefore, you get to save up a huge amount of money and spend it on more useful expenses.

Our transactions are within 24 hours

Most times, when you sell your car, it is because you are in urgent need of cash. Therefore, it is very important that the person to whom you sell pays as soon as possible. At NJ Junk Auto, you do not have to worry about late payments. Immediately you transfer the ownership of the car to us, we pay the agreed upon amount in whatever method you want. If you need it in cash, paid to the bank or as a cheque, we have got you covered. If you need Cash for Junk Cars in Springfield, NJ, you have the guarantee that you will receive it before the end of 24 hours.

We are based locally

If you want to sell a junk car, then you understand the need to sell it to a local junkyard. You do not have to worry about expensive towing cost or the risk of being scammed. A local yard is also bound to pay more for the cars compared to the ones out of town, who have to spend so much on transportation and towing of your vehicle. Since NJ Junk Auto is local, you can expect the best services and sale experience when working with us.

We offer help to our clients

At NJ Junk Auto, we buy junk cars for cash. Therefore, it is very important that when we do so, the ownership of the vehicle is clearly outlined. If you have problems canceling the registration and insurance cover on your car, our very skilled and friendly experts will help you. They will advise you on what steps to take and whom to approach to have your issues dealt with as soon as possible. Having solved all the issues pertaining to the ownership and insurance of the car, you can now sell it to us for the best prices.

When selling your car

When you decide to sell your old car, it is important that are fully prepared to sell the car.

Make sure that the registration of the vehicle is in your name. Selling and buying of stolen cars is illegal. Therefore, buying having the license in order, you allow us to buy junk cars for cash without any fear or doubt.

Also, cancel the insurance coverage on your car and return the license plates to the state department of motor vehicles.

Do not settle for a lesser value of your car. Sell for Cash for Junk Cars in Springfield, NJ to NJ Junk Auto and get more cash. We buy junk cars for cash. Call us today and get that space or money you are in urgent need of.

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