How to Get Cash For My Car

The Best Way To Get Cash For Junk

Your vehicle has reached the end of its life. Now what? Your vehicle may have been sitting unused for months or even years but it can be hard to get rid of a junker. NJ Junk Auto can buy junk cars of any value or condition. As a leading cash buyer in New Jersey, we make it easy to get cash for junk cars regardless of whether it's operational or even has its paperwork. don't worry about car shipping or used car prices; we come to you to give you our offer and haul away your vehicle! You can reach out to us get started.

Do You Have a Junk Car?

A junker is any vehicle that no longer has a use. If you don't imagine anyone would want your vehicle, it's probably best to sell as junk. If your vehicle meets any of these criteria, it's probably a junker that's going to be hard to sell on your own.

  • The vehicle is stationary and has been parked on someone's property or the street for a long time. It may even have been parked and left stationary without permission.
  • The vehicle is missing parts, has serious deterioration, or has been wrecked.
  • The vehicle is old.
  • The vehicle has a low value and may only have value for scrap metal or parts.
  • The vehicle is inoperable and can't be driven.
  • The vehicle is missing paperwork like registration or the title.
What Is Your Vehicle Worth?

Determining the value of a junker can be difficult. After all, there are plenty of junkyards offering cash for junk cars but how much can you really get? Just because the vehicle no longer works does not mean it's worthless but there are many factors that determine the value of your vehicle.

The two most important factors that we use to determine value are
  • Weight. Many vehicles we buy aren't sold for parts; they're scrapped. This means the metal content is recycled for new products. How much your vehicle weighs will determine how much it's worth for scrapping. The price of scrap metal changes from city to city and day to day. Scrap metal prices have been low for several years but they likely won't remain low.
  • Demand for parts. If your vehicle has parts that can be sold easily and for a fair price, your vehicle will have a higher value. The best way to get cash for cars is having an in-demand vehicle that's popular in the area. Vehicles that are often scrapped and very old cars usually do not have high demand.

Used car prices won't be much help when it comes to valuing a non-operational vehicle. You can use the Kelley Blue Book value as a starting point along with the factors below. Want to get an idea of how much we pay when we buy used cars? Here are some questions to ask yourself

  • What is the condition? A vehicle that requires substantial repairs to be road-ready will be worth more than an inoperable vehicle.
  • Where are you located? The closer you are to us, the more we can pay - especially if your vehicle can't be driven and needs to be towed.
  • Is there a demand for parts? This usually depends on how often your make and model is brought in for repairs.
  • What is the year, make, and model? If your vehicle is still common, you can get more money. If it's rare but very valuable, there may be a high demand for parts. You can check used car sales to get an idea of how common it is on the road.
  • How much does it weigh? This determines how much metal the vehicle has that can be salvaged. Vans have a higher weight than passenger vehicles, of course, and may have a higher scrap value.
  • What is the price of scrap metal? Because many vehicles are scrapped, the current market price of scrap metal matters.
Get a Cash Quote for Your Vehicle

No matter what condition your vehicle is in, we can give you a cash offer. We make it easy to get a quote for your vehicle over the phone. Give us a call at 908 300-3150 and describe the vehicle's condition, year, make, and model. we'll ask questions about the vehicle's history and whether it's operational to give you an idea of its value. If you need us to haul it away, no problem! We can even buy a vehicle without a title.

At NJ Junk Auto, we come to you with the paperwork after you set a pickup time and settle on a fair price. You will receive your cash/check on the spot. If you want to trade in the junk auto for a used vehicle you can actually drive, we can help! We can give you trade-in credit toward a used car. As a leading New Jersey dealer, we have a large stock of used cars to help you find used cars that fit your budget and needs.

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